Gregg Morin, owner/operator of Washington Home Inspection has over 25 years construction experience in residential, multifamily and commercial construction in Spokane. He is an expert in the field of residential home inspection and has the knowledge to look beyond the obvious deficencies. Further, what some home inspectors may see as a glaring defect, he has the foresite to evaluate an issue for what it is; often what may be interpreted as a significant concern may merly be a minor matter that can quickly be abated. 

Did you know that any home inspection is merely the inspectors opinion? You will find major differences from one inspectors report to another. Many inspectors churn out prepackaged reports, simply changing a word here or there. But Washington Home Inspection Company is different. We take the time to find items other inspectors may miss.

Spokane Home Inspector Inspection

Our extensive background in the construction industry ensures you will receive an expert and honest inspection. As a property managers of over 300 individual multi-family units at one time, Gregg Morin is is well versed in code compliance, restrictions and limitations of grandfathered building codes, and the latest current building codes in our area.


At no additional cost to our clients, we will revisit your property, ensure all the required work items required by your lending institution have been abated and will write a letter memorializing these repairs. None of our competitors offer this service.

As a life long resident of Spokane, Gregg Morin operates Spokane's Washington Home Inspection Company in the Downtown Spokane Area and is proud to support our community as a local business owner for over 25 years!

 About Us 

Gregg Morin:

General Contractor turned Spokane's Home Inspector!

When you need a Spokane Home Inspector - Think Spokane's own Washington Home Inspection Company!

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